Image of Empowered Champions:  Superhero Coloring Book

Empowered Champions: Superhero Coloring Book


Donovan Vim Crony’s EMPOWERED: Champions of Legacy City is a brand new coloring book experience that combines elements of comic books, science fiction, and fantasy. The characters within EMPOWERED are people of color who are destined to become superheroes. African American, Afro-Latino, and even people of color from other planets and dimensions are the focus of this book. You’ll be introduced to super powered Champions and learn about their powers and lives. Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or markers and GET EMPOWERED!

Written and Drawn by Donovan Vim Crony.
This is an all-ages coloring book with a color cover.

Comes with new box of 16 crayons so you can jump right in! :)